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We need men to be honest in the church.

Sacrosanct Gospel

Yesterday I wrote a post called “His Face Never Changes” in which I called attention to the male tendency to mask our weaknesses by maintaining a calm, cool demeanor.  “Never let ’em see you sweat” is the facade that many men use to gain social capital with other men.   Unfortunately many Christian perspectives on masculinity do not make a break from this fleshly commitment.  The current Christian emphasis does not work toward, or even allow, a ‘gospel vulnerability’ that learns to find strength in weakness (click here to see what I mean).  Instead most Christian teaching joins right in, accentuating a kind of “John Wayne/Don Draper” approach to Christianity.  Don’t cry.  Don’t admit weakness. Don’t admit failure.  Never let ’em see you sweat.  Get stuff done for the kingdom.  Sadly, this works for a while.  It is very appealing.  It sounds good:  Let’s go kick some butt…

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If you want to be a writer or artist of any kind . . .

Jeff Goins wrote this excellent book on

to inspire, challenge and guide you

towards living your dream

as a writer or  artist.

Some quotes that I found inspiring to me on my writing journey . . .

Whether you’re starting to tackle writing for the first time or a lifelong veteran, rest assured.  There is better work you’ve yet to create.  If you will make one important choice:  Stop writing for accolades, and start writing for passion.

Before others will believe what is true

about you,

you’ll have to first believe it yourself.

When you stop writing

for readers’ affections,

your work will affect more people.

Stop waiting for permission and

prepare to do the work.

There are no big breaks.

Only tiny drips of effort that

lead to waves of momentum.

You can purchase this book and learn more about Jeff Goins @

I have learned so much from his blog post @ 


*** Don’t forget to come back on May 30th and see my redesigned blog!!!! ***

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For the women and men that may still be struggling with healing from a painful past. God Loves You and desperately wants you to know.

Blooming Lotus

I had an interesting “vision” (for lack of a better word) last night. The first half is safe for all readers. I have included religious triggers for the second half of the blog entry.

As I have shared before, the holidays are tough for me from Halloween through New Year’s Day. I still don’t know why. I feel tense as bedtime approaches, have trouble staying asleep, wrestle with nightmares, and then feel exhausted the next day. Last night, I was praying about all of this, especially for relief from the pressure and emotional pain. Here is what I “saw”…

I was walking in the parking lot of my church toward the church building. I “zoomed out” so I could see myself from the outside, and I was this buff warrior woman, like an Amazon. (Trust me – Nobody would describe me physically like this!!) I had bulging, strong muscles, and…

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Do you like surprises? . . . . .

Well, I have one for you

in three weeks!!!!

I am changing things up on my blog.  

A new look!  A different approach!  

I am so excited, and can’t wait to share!

I will have some new people to meet.

Come back on May 30th to see what’s NEW.

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Sign up in the Email Subscription box at the top right under my picture.

I do not spam. I Promise!!  If you are not as excited as I am about the changes, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Merry Christmas . . .

Merry Christmas from my house to yours . . . 

And yes, this really is my house!

I hope this is a season of joy for you, but for many this is a tough time of year.  I know of many who have lost loved ones this year and this will be the first Christmas without them.  Keep those people in your prayers as you go about your plans for Christmas.

I have missed posting blogs recently, but I am back to work!  Be on the look out tomorrow for the next one!  I am working and back in college to complete my teaching degree.  So, life is busy for this mom to say the least.  

In the midst of the hustle and bustle slow down and take time to focus on our Savior who came into the world to bring us the best gift of all . . . Eternal Life!  Focus on Him and over the next year pray for a revival in your life, the life of your family, and your community.  Revival begins with us.  I love the quote you see around this time of year “Wise Men still Seek HIM!”  Seek Him daily for a fresh word from His word, and peace in your heart no matter what the day may bring!

Jeremiah 29:12 – 13 NLT

In those days when you pray, I will listen.  If you look for me wholeheartedly,

you will find Me. 



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