Happy New Year!

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HOPE in the New Year!

The year 2011 is officially behind us now.  A brand-new year brings many brand-new possibilities.  It is my hope that you see the hope in this New Year. Whatever happened in 2011 is done.  You may be dealing with some of the same issues, but there is always hope from God, because He can give you wisdom on how to handle every problem.

I found this great chapter in Psalms this morning.  Take a moment soon to read Psalm 86! Here are some great verses from this chapter.

“O Lord, You are so good, so ready to forgive, so full of unfailing love for all who ask for your help.  Listen closely to my prayer, O Lord; hear my urgent cry.  I will call to You whenever I’m in trouble, and You will answer me.”

                                                                                                                ~ Psalm 86:6-7 NLT

What is your cry for this year? 

How do you want to live differently? 

Call out to Your Heavenly Father,

and He will hear your urgent cry!

My cry for 2012 is to live in closer fellowship with God so I may be more bold in sharing the Good NEWS to as many as I possibly can.  This can be face to face or even through my blog.  I am not the only one with this cry in my heart for our nation and all those around the world to turn to Jesus.   Check out this video on the main page of their webiste at One Cry , and read their blog!

There are other cries in my heart that are more personal.  The most important one is for my fourteen-year-old son to grow close to God and make his faith his own.  I know this is a process, but I pray the process starts this year. Whatever your cry may be to get a job, change jobs, to keep your house from foreclosure, to get out of debt, to feed the poor, to go on a mission trip . . cry out to God, and He will hear it.  I suggest that you write it out, and surrender it to God.  Pray for it daily and watch Him move in your live.

It is my prayer for many of you to join me with the One Cry movement!  I will be writing about the movement as I learn more about it too.  I am thrilled to see there are so many others with the same cry in their heart.  If this is not your specific cry, that is okay.  However, I do pray that you will ask God to burden your heart for the lost.  That is our primary purpose as believers is to share God’s amazing message with all we can!

Please feel free to share your cry.

 I and many others will pray for you. 


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  1. Well done! Really enjoyed reading through your article because of its wonderful concepts and unique views.

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