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4 responses to “I want to know what is on your mind . . .

  1. nflsportfans

    what’s the differents betwin them?

    • Between Once Saved always saved and losing your salvation? Is that what you are asking?

      If that is your question, I believe that according to the Bible that once you have accepted Christ as your Savior and repented from sin, as defined in the Bible, that you can never loose the free gift of salvation that God has given you. Others believe that you can lose your salvation if you turn your back on God and start doing whatever your heart pleases. In my own study of God’s word, I have not found any Biblical basis for this thinking. All that I have found in the Bible supports the conclusion that I came to through reading God’s word.

      Now, someone who just repeats a prayer to make someone else happy or is caught up in an emotional moment, but does not truly repent and turn to God is not a believer of Christ. They are an imposter. However, at any time that person can turn to Christ and ask for forgiveness, and God will freely forgive them of all their sins and accept them as his child.

      Please let me know if this answers your question of if you would like more information, please feel free to respond. If you would like a more private conversation, please request my e-mail address. Thank You for Your question, and I hope that I have answered your question.

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