Falling in the Pit: Part 2 of 5

Falling in the Pit: . . . .  Part 2 of 5

. . .   The Decent Continues . . . 

Verses for Today:

 2 Samuel 11:1-27  Click on verses to read online

We continue our journey with David.  Last time we watched him take something that was not his, because well. . . He wanted it.  He is king, and he can get what he wants at any time that he desires.   Have you ever felt that way?  I know I have.  I deserve . . . it’s been a hard week, and I want . . .

It’s the little decisions along the way that lead to the great fall.  For the drinker it starts with just one beer.  For the drug addict it started with one smoke at a party.  For the depressed woman it started out as a way to give herself a perk, then she shopped to keep the feeling going till one day her husband finds the credit card bill and stares in disbelief.  We all wake up one day and wonder how did I get here?

The Coverup .  . . 

So today we read to the end of the chapter and watch David tumble-down deeper in his pit.  David plans for the great cover up.  Bathsheba is pregnant with his child.  Next, he sends for Uriah to come home.  Surely the man who has been out in battle for weeks, sleeping on the ground and exhausted, will want to go home, clean up and spend a little R & R with his wife, right?

David calls Uriah home and tells him, “Man, you have been doing an awesome job on the battlefield.  Why don’t you take a few vacation days and spend some time with that pretty little wife of yours?”  Uriah says “Sure,” but does not go home.  He stays at the King’s gate with the other servants and spends the night.

Plan A . . . Plan B

David finds out Uriah did not go home and asks him, “Hey, I gave you some time to go home.  Aren’t you tired after that long journey?”  Uriah has a very honorable response, “All my buddies are sleeping in an open field with the ark and dwelling in tents.  How can I go home to eat, drink and sleep with my wife?  I’m sorry King, but I just can’t.”  So, David’s plan backfired!  Uriah was a man of honor to his country and his God.

David tells him to hang out for a few more days then he will let him go back to the battle.  I can see David pacing around.  “Think . . . think . . . there has got to be a way to get this man to break.”  He stops mid pace, looks up and has an “aha” moment!  “I know.  We will throw a party for him before he heads back out, and I will get him to drink.  Once he is drunk surely he will want to see Bathsheba.”  Well, plan B backfired too.  So what’s a king to do?

The Death Sentence

The next event blows my mind.  He sends a note to Joab, the commander-in-chief of his army.  David gives the note to Uriah to give to Joab!!  Uriah delivers his own death sentence. That takes some nerve!  Notice, no one throughout this story questions the King on his actions.  Joab didn’t send a letter back or any messengers to find out what Uriah did to deserve this treatment.  In this culture that was just unheard of most likely.  You do not question the king’s orders.  You follow the orders of the king.  Joab is ordered to put Uriah in the heat of battle and retreat “that he may be struck down and die.”  Unbelievable!

Well, Joab obeys orders.  The sad part is that there were other innocent victims because of David’s “plan.”  Many times we think that our “little” sin doesn’t hurt anyone else.  Yet many times it does.  We take others down with us or hurt them along the way.

From Seduction to Murder to Marriage? 

David has seduced, lied, murdered and what does he do now?  Let’s make it all better and marry the poor widow of our fallen soldier Uriah.  Yep, that will make it all better now.  When we think we have got it all figured out and covered up, think again.

“But the thing David had done displeased the Lord” (2 Samuel 11:27b)

The Work of Revival:   

                                            (This section is for a time of personal reflection)

Maybe you have your own story that just seems to go on and on from one stupid decision to another till finally it explodes in your face.  Yep, been there, done that, and well . . .  I don’t wear the T-shirt to prove it!  Maybe you haven’t committed adultery or murder.  However, you may have lied, run from God for years, harbored bitterness and nursed that betrayal.  Whatever your sin, whatever your pit, whatever is hurting you so deeply, God will forgive you and me.  Sorry, these are not uplifting stories, but we need to go into the pit with David, so we can rejoice with him when he gets out.  Please stay with me, and we will see how revival breaks out.



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3 responses to “Falling in the Pit: Part 2 of 5

  1. Great blog, Just wanted to comment that i can not connect to the rss stream, you might want install the right wordpress plugin for that to workthat.


    Great stuff, making me aware of how often i cover up one sin with another. I eager 2 understand how the joy of salvation is restored 2 him!

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