Unite with Me in Prayer . . .

For all our active duty military

at home and abroad.

Lord, be with each of the military families as they may be separated for a time. Lord, I pray that You lay Your hand of protection around each man & woman protecting our country & our freedoms. Lord, I pray that they put their hope & trust in You all the days of their lives. Give them wisdom to do their jobs well that comes through the power of the Holy Spirit.

May we honor those that have served in the past whether they are living or dead.

Thank You military for sacrificing your personal comfort to protect all Americans. Thank you for helping protect people all over the world from tyrants and terrorist. We salute you!

VIP *** Please let us know if you are serving in the military and where.  We can lift you in prayer today specifically.  Also, if you have family or friends in the military, please feel free to post their name so we can lift them in prayer. Feel free to post your own prayer for our military. 

Happy Memorial Day!


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One response to “Unite with Me in Prayer . . .

  1. Roya

    Thanks for leading me in this prayer, Joyce! Happy Memorial Day!!

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