Falling in the Pit Part 1 of 5

Falling in the Pit  

Part 1 of  5

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Verses for Today: 2 Samuel 11:1-5

I invite you to join  me for a very important journey in your life.  It is not going to be easy.  However, we know that life in this world, especially as a Christian, will not be easy (John 16:33).  Easy living is all about you and not living the abundant life God has for you.   God has so much for us and we miss out when we do not keep our focus on Him.

Please read the scripture passage.  It is a very important story to read and is the basis for this 5 part series.  Please take a moment to read it now if you have not.   (If you do not have your Bible handy, go to You Version to read the Bible online in many versions or on a free app for your phone.)

The Look

We find David in the time of year when kings go off to war.  Yet, David stayed home.  We all are left to wonder why.  No great explanation is given for his decision.  So, one evening, he must not have been sleeping well, because David got out of bed and went to his rooftop.  As David is hanging out on his rooftop looking over the city with the stars shining and a cool breeze blowing gently through his hair, his eyes peruse the scenery when he sees her.  That would be the infamous Bathsheba.  Well, in today’s terms, she must have been a hottie, because Bible describes her as “very beautiful to behold.”

The Fall

Now this is where the story is a little foggy.  David sends messengers to snatch Bathsheba from her own home to go “to him.”  So, the man known as “the man after God’s own heart” asks other people to bring him a woman in the late evening so he can sleep with her.    The next strange event is he tries to cover up this horrible mistake with more sin.   Notice the pit David is digging for himself that started with a glance of a woman in her own home minding her own business.

Sin is so subtle and can bring us crashing down like a china plate on a ceramic floor and shatter our lives in few minutes, and for what? A moment of ecstasy.   . . the thrill of a new car . . . the food we just couldn’t live without . . . the outfit that called your name. . .  and I could go on for pages.  We have all been there.  Something enticed us and our emotions could not resist . . . wait . . . for the right moment to do the right thing or run the other direction.

David jumps into the pit of sin.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Next we will see him wallow around in the pit, and make a real mess.  We will continue to discuss the slimy pit David jumped into with all fours.

The Work of Revival:

(This section is for a time of personal reflection)

Just as our ancestor Adam, we have all fallen into sin one way or another.  Sometimes we fall by rebellious choice and sometimes by taking one step in the wrong direction.  Are you in a pit right now?  Did you get pushed in, slide in, or jump into the pit?  However, you have fallen; God knows and is ready to forgive you when You turn to Him (1 John 1:9).  In the words of Beth Moore, “From one pit dweller to another” I pray you get out of the pit and stay out!  I know it is a painful and lonely place, but there is HOPE eternal in our Savior.  He set me FREE and you can be FREE too!


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