What are we here for? Do you have meaning in your life?

God has given us so many gifts and many people are walking around today just wandering through life.  Most people go to work to pay the bills, come home, there may be dinner as a family or for the singles with friends, and then we may sit for hours watching mind numbing TV to entertain our brain for a few hours before bed.  For those with children your days may be filled with homework, soccer practice, ballet and whatever else we put our kids into help them physically and socially.  For Christians a week of activities may include Sunday morning church, a few come on Sunday night and then there are all the Wednesday night activities for children of all ages.  You may also be involved with bereavement ministries, outreach ministries etc …    But how many people have really sat down and looked at their spiritual gifts?   There are many people who do not think they have spiritual gifts.  They think God must have forgotten them or their past sins are too bad to be used of God.  WOW!!!  People you are so missing out!!!!  God has a gift and a plan for each of us!!!

1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 are great chapters to read and learn more about what gifts God has given us.  I am going to go over these chapters in my next few blogs.  So please come back to see what you may be missing if you are not sure about your spiritual gifts.

Read 1 Corinthians 12: 4-7 or go to  www.youversion.com to read online from many versions of the Bible –  God has given us each gifts to work out His perfect plan through us.  In verses 4-7 God gave us the best gift to all, which is the power of the Holy Spirit.  However, His plans neither are dreadful chores nor are all Christians called to go and serve in a foreign land all of their lives.  I think many people who know God has plans for them but fear what they may be asked to do and could they possibly achieve anything for God?  God uses our passions and natural abilities for His glory.  Keep in mind natural abilities need training and exercise too.  A musician or athlete with natural abilities is not instantly great.  They must spend many hours training and working on their skills to achieve the level of success they desire to attain.  So why do we expect the Christian life to be any different?

Remember David was chased by Saul  and trained by God for 15 years before he actually became King.  God used those years to show David how to depend on God and not himself as he became King.  Moses wandered for 40 years in the wilderness tending sheep.  However, those were not wasted years.  God was molding Moses to be the man to lead Israel out of captivity in Egypt.  God may not plan for you to be a Moses or a David type leader, but the point is it may take years of molding you and you seeking God to work out His plans.  It is possible you are making little progress or so it seems, but God is working even in the times He does not seem to be leading you.  Open your heart to God today and start seeking Him.  Jeremiah 29:13 says “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with ALL your heart.”

Thank You Lord, that we can freely seek You and express our love for You in this country.  Lord, I seek You today to guide me on the path that You have laid out for me.


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